Kerala: Auto rickshaw driver became a millionaire overnight, won 25 crore Onam bumper lottery


Whenever God tears the roof, it does not take long to change fate. A case from Kerala has made all these proverbs true. Here an auto-rickshaw driver has got a lottery of 25 crores and that too at a time when his loan of three lakhs was approved a day earlier. This person wanted to go to Malaysia and work as a chef. For this, he applied for a loan of Rs 3 lakh. His loan was also approved. However, a day after this, his luck changed such that overnight that person became a millionaire. He got the Onam bumper lottery of Rs 25 crores.

The auto-rickshaw driver who won this prize has been identified as 32-year-old Anoop. It is being told that he had bought this ticket from Pazhavangadi Bhagwati Agency in Thiruvananthapuram. The 25 crore prize in the Kerala Onam Bumper Lottery was the first prize that the auto-rickshaw driver won. At the same time, the second prize in this was Rs 5 crore, which was received by ticket number TG 270912.

The winning ticket was not found the first time

He told the media personnel present at the agency from where Anoop had bought the lottery ticket that T-750605 was not his first choice. He said that he did not like the first ticket he had bought, so he took the second ticket and won. Regarding Malaysia travel and loan, Anoop said, "The bank called for a loan today, then I told that I do not need the loan anymore. Now I will not even go to Malaysia.

He said that he has been buying lottery tickets for the last 22 years and till now he had received from a few hundred rupees to a maximum of five thousand rupees. "I didn't expect to win, so I didn't watch lottery results on TV," he said. But when I looked at my phone, I came to know that I have won. I couldn't believe it and I showed it to my wife. He said it was the winning number.

Anoop said, still I had doubts, so I sent the photo of the ticket to the lady who sold the lottery. He confirmed it was the winning number. After paying the tax from the money won, Anoop will get around Rs 15 crore.