Jaipur: Two youths raped a girl in a hotel


In Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan, the case of raping a girl by two youths has come to light. According to reports, the youths carried out the incident of rape in the name of showing a girl from Tonk to PG in Jaipur. 

On May 30, the girl was called to Jaipur by two youths, Deendayal and Leeladhar, to show her the PG room. After showing the PG room to both the girls in Jaipur, they took her to a hotel located in Gopalpura bypass. Where both of them carried out the act of rape in turn. 

A case has been registered on behalf of the victim at Bajaj Nagar police station in this regard. However, the victim could not provide details about the hotel in which she was raped.