Infected in every wave: Three attacks of corona on the same health worker, all useless due to the power of vaccine


You will be surprised to hear but it is true that for the first time in the country only one health worker got infected in every wave of corona epidemic. When scientists studied about this, it was found that in the year 2020, the health worker was infected with the alpha variant of Corona. After this, during the year 2021, he came under the grip of the Delta variant and this year in 2022 he was also found infected with Omicron. After the three most severe variants of corona were found in the same health worker, when the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) in New Delhi and the National Institute of Virology (NIV) based in Pune conducted a study together, it was found that even after getting infected all three times. The health worker did not have to go to the hospital because he was vaccinated.


According to the study published in the Journal of Infection, the patient recovered after staying at home for a few days. NIV's Senior Scientist Dr. Pragya Yadav said, "They have found primary, break through and re-infection in the same 38-year-old person. The patient from Delta had a break through infection, while Omicron was placed in the re-infection category. Omicron is also the first case of re-infection so far. Dr. Yadav said that in the examination of the infected worker three times, it was found that there was a decrease in antibodies, but due to vaccination, the infection could be prevented.

Fourth dose may also be necessary

  •     Scientists say that the fourth dose of the vaccine can also be taken in the future. According to them, it has become clear in the study that new variants of corona can be neutralized through vaccination.
  •     It also depends on the level of antibodies. It is not yet known about how long the antibodies remain in the body after taking three doses, but even after this, if the level of antibodies remains low, then the fourth dose can also be taken in future.

40 percent drop in corona cases, 1,247 new cases surfaced
According to the Union Health Ministry, there has been a decline of about 40 percent in the daily cases of corona. While a jump of 90 percent was recorded on Monday. In the last one day, 1,247 new cases have come. During this, one patient has died. At the same time, on April 18, 2,183 new cases were reported and 214 patients died. With this, the total number of corona infected patients in the country has increased to 4,30,45,537. A total of 5,21,966 patients have died so far.
Center extended the insurance scheme of corona warriors by six months

The central government has decided to extend the insurance scheme of Corona warriors by six months. The Prime Minister's Garib Kalyan Package has been extended till October this year. The Union Health Ministry said that financial assistance of Rs 50 lakh each is being given under the scheme to the families of the warriors who lost their lives due to corona infection.

This scheme has been extended for the next 180 days so that the warriors fighting the corona infection can be honored. In a letter to the Principal Secretaries and Health Secretaries of all the states, the Ministry has also informed that the decision to extend the duration of the insurance scheme has been implemented immediately. In fact, after the corona epidemic, the government started this scheme on 30 March 2020 and gave insurance protection to the health workers and frontline workers facing corona. So far, under this scheme, financial assistance has been provided to the families of 1905 health workers, who died due to corona infection.