Indian Railway Recruitment 2022: 1.5 lakh posts will be recruited in 2022-23, know the full details!


Indian Railways announced on 14 June 2022 that it aims to recruit a total of 1,48,463 candidates in the next year. The decision comes after PM Narendra Modi's order to recruit a minimum of 10 lakh candidates under the 'mission mode' scheme in several ministries and departments over the next one and a half years.


With only 43,678 candidates having been recruited in the Railways in the last eight years, the Government of India is now planning to increase the workforce to the maximum possible.

Check details here:

Number of candidates to be recruited in 2022-23: 1,48,463

Intake between 2014-15 and 2021-22: 3,49,422

Share percentage of Indian Railways: 40.55 

Percentage of vacancies from 2020: 21.75

Recruitment through the 'Mission Mode' Scheme

  • Mission Mode Scheme will help the eligible and interested candidates looking for the stages of recruitment through the Ministry of Home Affairs.
  • In the next one and a half years, 10 lakh candidates will be recruited in various ministries and departments.
  • The announcement comes after PM Modi's review of the human resource situation in all government sectors.
  • This is to act as a big opportunity for the job seekers in the Central Govt.
  • The recruitment process for all the posts and vacancies is to be notified by the respective departments.

Indian Railway Recruitment statistics


  • From 2014-15 to 2021-22, there were a total of 3,49,422 candidates in the Indian Railways, with an average of 43,678 per year.
  • Indian Railways has to recruit 1,48,463 candidates in 2022-23.
  • Indian Railways has the largest share of 35.06 percent of the total expenditure on salaries and allowances in 2019-20.
  • All these posts and posts have become redundant due to technology, and will not be available for recruitment purposes in the coming future.
  • Presently the employees working in such posts can be taken over by various departments of the Railways.
  • 16 Zonal Railways have left 56,888 "non-essential" posts during the financial year 2015-16 to 2020-21, with 15,495 more to be removed in time.
  • Northern Railway has vacated more than 9,000 posts, South Eastern Railway has left around 4,677 posts.
  • Southern Railway has abolished 7,524 posts and Eastern Railway has abolished more than 5,700 such posts.