Health: These are the common symptoms of coronavirus seen in children, do not take carelessness


Once again the fear of Corona has started haunting the countrymen. Corona infection has increased in the last few days. So far many variants of Corona have arrived. Now the new variant XE is being discussed a lot.


It is being said that it is made up of Omicron BA.1 and BA.2. 

The elderly and young children are most at risk of getting infected with the coronavirus. Today we are going to give you information about the common symptoms of COVID seen in children. 

Here are the symptoms of corona: 

1. Many children do not experience aroma or taste after being infected with corona. 

2. Warming of chest and back with an increase in body temperature.


3. Sudden loss of appetite is also a symptom of the corona. 

4. Continuous dry cough for some time is also included in the symptoms of the corona. 

5. A long runny nose of the child is also a symptom of this virus.

6. Sore throat, upset stomach, shortness of breath, and body pain are also symptoms of coronavirus.