Gujarat Assembly Elections: These Congress leaders came into the limelight after controversial statements


Controversial statements have been associated with every election. There are elections in any state and in those elections, it cannot be possible that a leader does not give a controversial statement to another leader. On the other hand, a statement made by Congress leader Madhusdan Mistry in Gujarat elections is now becoming a noose around his neck.

Yes, after the statement of Congress leader Madhusudan Mistry, who showed the status of PM Modi, now PM has made it an issue in the Gujarat rally. Prime Minister Narendra Modi targeted Congress leader Madhusudan Mistry at a rally. He replied on the controversial statement of status and said that Congress says that they will show Modi's status. They are from the royal family, I am from the common family, I am a public servant, I already have no status.


PM Modi further said that what the Congress leaders did not say to him, called him vile, called him a worm of a dirty drain, we do not have the status. The PM said that the Congress is using such words.