Governor Kalraj Mishra gave these instructions to Director General of Police ML Lather regarding the disturbance in Jodhpur


Governor Kalraj Mishra spoke to the Director General of Police of the state ML Lather on Thursday about the disturbance in Jodhpur. By talking to Lather over the phone, he inquired in detail about the disturbances in Jodhpur.

Governor Kalraj Mishra also directed Director General of Police K ML Lather to take strict action against the culprits and maintain law and order at every level. 

Kalraj Mishra also directed the Director General of Police to take strong action in such cases and ensure that such incidents do not recur. He said that the forces which are disturbing the communal harmony in the state should not be tolerated at any level.

Kalraj Mishra has also appealed to the citizens to maintain the Ganga-Jamuni culture of mutual harmony, brotherhood and mutual coordination that has been going on for years.