Gauhar Chishti, who threatened to 'detach Nupur Sharma from her body', was arrested in Hyderabad


Gauhar Chishti, who threatened to separate Nupur Sharma's head from the body, has been arrested by Hyderabad. Let us inform you that Gauhar Chishti made this controversial statement on June 17 outside Ajmer's Dargah. No action was taken against him then, but now he has been arrested. Let us inform you that the NIA engaged in the investigation of the Kanhaiyalal murder case of Udaipur has taken Khadim Gauhar Chishti of Ajmer Dargah on the radar. 


According to reports, the Ajmer police had been searching for Gauhar Chishti for a long time. Meanwhile, it was found that he is hiding in Hyderabad. After this, he was arrested in Hyderabad. Now he is being brought to Ajmer. Let us inform that apart from Gauhar Chishti, the names of Adil Chishti and Sarwar Chishti are also in the Khadims of Ajmer Dargah. While giving a controversial statement against Nupur Sharma, all three had talked about separating the head from the body. 

Who is Gauhar Chishti?

Gauhar Chishti is the Khadim of the Dargah of Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti in Ajmer. The connection of Gauhar Chishti has also come to the fore in the brutal murder of Kanhaiyalal in Udaipur. Actually, after the murder of Kanhaiyalal, the killers Riyaz and Gaus were coming to Ajmer to take shelter near Gauhar after running away. But both were caught on the way. According to media reports, Gauhar Chishti had gone to Udaipur on June 17, where he had also raised slogans about beheading.


A case was registered against Gauhar Chishti on June 25: 

Ajmer Police had registered a case against Gauhar Chishti on June 25 for raising provocative slogans. Since then he had absconded. A video of Gauahar Chishti had gone viral, in which he says – We will not tolerate arrogance in the pride of our Huzoor. One punishment of gustakh-e-Rasool, parted from the head, parted from the body. We are ready to behead for the respect of our master. Nupur has insulted the pride of our master, so she has no right to live. Nupur Sharma is dead.