Fear of the fourth wave of Corona! DGCA implemented rules for air passengers


The fear of the fourth wave of coronavirus has increased in the country. In India, after 93 days, more than five thousand cases of COVID-19 have been reported in a day. So far the number of people infected with the coronavirus has increased to 4,31,90,282. In such a situation, aviation regulator DGCA has implemented new rules regarding the increasing Covid infection.


Aviation regulator DGCA (DGCA New Covid Norms) said on Wednesday that airlines will have to de-board the passenger before departure if passengers refuse to wear face masks inside the aircraft. The Directorate General of Civil Aviation said in a circular that airport operators can take the help of local police and security agencies and fines can be imposed on those who do not wear face masks.

The circular followed the order of the Delhi High Court of June 3, which had said that the DGCA should issue separate instructions for all employees posted at the airport and aircraft. This includes flight attendants, air hostesses, pilots, and others. The court had said that fines should be imposed on all those who violate the rules and the persistent defaulters should be kept on the no-fly list.

In a circular issued on Wednesday, the DGCA said that airlines will have to ensure that passengers wear masks properly in flight. They should be allowed to remove the mask only in exceptional circumstances. DGCA rules empower airlines to restrict passengers for a certain period after they are declared 'unruly'.


It said that the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) and other police personnel posted at the airport entry gates should ensure that no one is allowed to enter the premises without wearing a mask.