Economic policies of the state government increased per capita income by 26.21 percent despite the Corona period: Ashok Gehlot


It is the result of the economic policies of the state government that despite the Corona period, the per capita income has increased by 26.21 percent in the last three years. Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot said this while addressing the state-level conference organized by Rajasthan State Tax Service Association at Agricultural Research Institute, Durgapura on Sunday. 

During this, he said that the Commercial Tax Department has an important role in the revenue collection of Rajasthan. About 60 percent of the total revenue is collected by this department. 

The revenue of Rs 48 thousand 112 crores was earned by this department in the financial year 2021-22 by including VAT and GST (in addition to the compensation amount received from the Centre). This is 26 percent more than the previous year. 

In this, the officers and employees of the State Tax Service have an important role. He said that whatever revenue the state gets from it, it is being spent on the development and public welfare schemes and programs of the state.

He said that Rajasthan Budget 2022-23 is a big achievement in itself in the whole country. Every category has been taken care of in this. He said that the State Government has also implemented various amnesty schemes, due to which the revenue collection is increasing. 

He said that the state's GDP has increased by Rs 3 lakh in three years. This is the symbol of development.