Due to the Congressization of police machinery, Rajasthan has become a stronghold of crimes: Rajendra Rathore


Deputy Leader of Opposition Rajendra Rathod has targeted Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot over the incident of attempted self-immolation of youth at Nayapura police station in Kota. In this regard, the BJP leader tweeted that Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot Ji, who is also the head of the state's home department, keeps on beating the drums of mandatory FIR registration to ensure hearing of every complainant in police stations, but at Nayapura police station in Kota. The incident of attempted self-immolation of the youth is exposing all his claims.

Gehlot's not registering a case against the Congress councilor in Jungle Raj, it is clear how much the police system has been Congressised. Forcing the victim Radheshyam Meena to commit self-immolation by not registering the report is a blot on the forehead of the Gehlot government.

 He tweeted that Ashok Gehlot Ji has proved to be the most failed Home Minister in history, whose advisor is also showing the fear of the police to the public for raising slogans other than 'Rajiv Gandhi Amar Rahe and Ashok Gehlot Zindabad'. It is because of the Congressization of the police machinery that Rajasthan has become a bastion of crimes.