Corona: Omicron has a higher risk of heart attack in children, study done on 18849 patients


Scientists have claimed that Omicron is more dangerous for children than other corona variants. Children are at increased risk of heart attack because of Omicron. This is because of their upper airway infection (UAI) from Omicron. In the study conducted at the University of Colorado, researchers assessed the impact of the disease on 18,849 corona patients hospitalized up to the age of 19. Researchers from North Western University and Stony Brook University in the US also participated in this study. The study found that younger children were at a higher risk of UAI due to Omicron. In this too, children aged 4 years and 5 months were at higher risk before Omicron's complete dominance, while children up to two years of age are also at increased risk during Omicron's active wave.


However, when it comes to severe chronic conditions, there was not much difference in the number of children admitted before and during the wave. In about 21.1 percent of the children, the condition of both Corona and UAE was critical. In which his tube had to be inserted in order to breathe. These children have an increased risk of heart attack as the condition worsens repeatedly. The research was published last week in the journal JAMA Pediatrics.
Insacog said, like Omicron, this time also people are being vaccinated
According to the Genome Sequencing Network Incacog, even after many questions have been raised, the anti-corona vaccine has been successful in saving crores of lives in the country. Dr. Vinod Scaria, Senior Scientist of IGIB based in New Delhi says that like Omicron, this time also the effect of epidemic in the country is under control, which has been possible directly due to corona vaccination. He said that epidemic waves will keep coming from time to time, but the effect of infection can be kept mild through anti-corona vaccine.
Weekly infection rate 16.67 percent in Lahaul Spiti
Some districts of Arunachal Pradesh, Kerala, Mizoram, Meghalaya and Assam also recorded weekly infection rates of five per cent or more. This list includes 15 districts of Kerala.


Covaxin reaches North America, gets permission in Mexico
India's indigenous vaccine Covaxin has now reached North America as well. Hyderabad-based Bharat Biotech Company had tied up with Occugen Company for the US and Canada. Also Covaxin has been allowed in Mexico. After a meeting with the Mexican Foreign Secretary Marcelo Ebrard, Board President Dr. Sankara Musunuri stated that he is looking forward to commercializing Covaxin in Mexico.