Congress is engaged in instigating conversion by following the policy of appeasement: Rajendra Rathore


Deputy Leader of Opposition Rajendra Rathod has targeted the Ashok Gehlot government over the incidents of conversion of Hindus in Rajasthan. Senior BJP leader Rajendra Rathod has targeted the Congress government of the state by posting news. 

He tweeted that the increase in the incidents of conversion of Hindus in Rajasthan during the tenure of 4 years of @ashokgehlot51 government is extremely worrying.

In Vatika Gram Panchayat of Jaipur, the incident of forced conversion of Hindus on the basis of greed and greed to remove disease, by showing fear of calamity by idol worship is in front of everyone.

The recurring incidents of Hindu conversions in the state and the Gehlot government remaining a mute spectator on such a serious issue are proof that Congress is following the policy of appeasement to encourage conversions. State government should take strict action against those who forcefully convert