CM Gehlot seeks opposition's support to declare lumpy skin disease as a national calamity


Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has demanded the Central Government to declare lumpy skin disease a national disaster in India. He has also sought the support of the opposition parties on this demand made to the central government. 

In this regard, Ashok Gehlot said through social media today that I called the leaders of the opposition after calling a meeting on August 15 regarding lumpy skin disease, talked to everyone, and talked to religious leaders, our priority is that from lumpy skin disease. How to save the lives of cows, but the Indian government will provide the vaccine, they will provide the medicines. 

So in such a situation, we are demanding from the Government of India that you declare this as a national disaster, on that demand, the leaders of the opposition should support us, instead, they are staging a sit-in here, pretending to sit here. We are worried about lumpy skin disease and would like the opposition to cooperate with us. It is worth mentioning that the Bharatiya Janata Party has made lumpy skin disease its issue.