Bomb blast at Jaisalmer Civil Airport, terrorists killed by NSG commandos


Jaisalmer Civil Airport echoed with bomb blasts. Along with the information of some terrorists entering the civil airport with bombs, there was an atmosphere of panic in the surrounding areas due to the echo of the bomb blasts. After this, security forces along with NSG commandos surrounded the terrorists in a three-tier security circle on the information of the infiltration of terrorists into the civil airport. 

Actually, all this was a view of the mock drill of the NSG commands. For the first time, a large-scale mock drill was conducted to deal with the terrorist attack in Jaisalmer. More than 500 people from NSG, ATS, QRT as well as various agencies participated in the mock drill. 

During the mock drill, the reality was visible. Under the mock drill going on for the last 2 days, the civil airport was liberated from the possession of terrorists by the NSG commandos in the mock drill at the civil airport at night. 

NSG commandos reached the airport premises on information about the presence of terrorists in the mock drill. At the same time, outside the premises, the police force and RAC personnel made a security circle.

Along with this, NSG airplanes also kept surveillance. During this various modern technology including drones also resorted. These days in Jaisalmer, the civil airport was transformed into a cantonment of security forces due to the mock drill being done by the NSG commandos.