Bharat Jodo Yatra: There is a lot of discussion about Rahul Gandhi's shoes on the 'Bharat Jodo' padayatra! Know why it is special!


Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi started the 'Bharat Jodi Yatra' with several senior party leaders on Thursday morning. The Congress party is calling this yatra (Bharat Jodi Yatra) a massive public relations campaign and is hoping to give life to the organization. Let us tell you that Congress has called 119 leaders including Rahul Gandhi 'Bharat Yatris'. It has also been told who will go to Kashmir from Kanyakumari while doing the padayatra. These people will travel a total of 3570 km. But during this time there is also a discussion about Rahul Gandhi's shoes. Rahul Gandhi is out on a long padayatra. During this, everyone's attention went to his shoes. Let us tell you which shoes Rahul Gandhi is wearing. What is their price?

Shoes of this brand

According to media reports, the shoes that Rahul Gandhi is seen wearing in the padayatra are Asics brand shoes. It is being told that this is the same brand whose shoes Tiger Shroff also wears. This is a Japanese company. This Japanese company announced the appointment of Tiger Shroff as its brand ambassador in 2019. Many celebrities including Tiger like to wear shoes of this brand.

How much do the shoes cost 

What is the cost of Rahul Gandhi's ASICS sneaker? There has been a debate among the users on social media regarding this. According to media reports, users on social media are telling the price of Rahul Gandhi's shoes at Rs 14 to 15 thousand and many less. Although it is not so, this company does not make cheap shoes. This athlete shoe company also makes budget-friendly shoes.

Founder of Asics Footwears Brand 

The Asics footwear brand was established in 1949 in Japan. This company sells its shoes in many countries of the world. The foundation of this company was laid by a person named Kihachiro Onitsuka.

Rahul Gandhi has been seen wearing shoes of this brand in the

past, even before this padayatra, Rahul Gandhi has been seen wearing shoes of this brand on many occasions. Earlier, Rahul Gandhi had come to meet the laborers going on foot in lockdown. At the same time, he wore Asics brand shoes. Whose photo he posted and later a BJP leader questioned him about the cost of the shoes. During this, the photo of his shoes also became viral on social media.