Bengal: Fourth consecutive day of Kurmi agitation, rail services stalled, demonstration in Howrah too


Today is the fourth day of the movement of Kurmis in Purulia and Jhargram in West Bengal. Movements are going on in Jhargram, Paschim Medinipur, and Purulia for several demands including the inclusion of the Kurmi community in the Scheduled Tribes. Rail and road jams also continue. The commuters are facing a lot of trouble due to the jam. Many trains of South Eastern Railway have been canceled. Many trains have been stopped before the scheduled destination. On the other hand, in Howrah near Kolkata, tribals protested against the construction of the Ayodhya hill. This affected the traffic of Howrah and central Kolkata.

In the Khemasuli area of ​​Jhargram, the tribal Kurmi community is going on a dharna program by jamming railways and roads. On the fourth day, rail and road were jammed. Despite the passage of 75 consecutive hours, no initiative has been taken to lift the blockade.

Rail or transport traffic is closed for the last 75 hours

Thousands of trucks, cargo lorries, and many vehicles are parked on National Highway No. 6 because of the Kurmi movement, and all the raw materials, vegetables, and fruits of that vehicles are getting wasted. Goods worth crores of rupees are being wasted. 

The drivers and passengers of those vehicles are facing a shortage of drinking water and food. It is not yet decided when the blockade will be lifted. No vehicle is passing through National Highway No. At the same time, people of the Kurmi tribe are jamming State Highway No. 5 in Lodhasuli. Due to this Jhargram has been blocked. On the other hand, due to the rail blockade in Khemsuli, the movement of trains on the Kharagpur Tata Rail Line has come to a standstill. So Jhargram is completely shocked.