Ashok Gehlot urges the Central Government to cooperate in the effective control of lumpy skin disease spreading in cattle animals


Expressing concern over lumpy skin disease spreading in cattle, Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has urged the Central Government to cooperate. He has given this information through social media. 

He tweeted in this regard that the lumpy skin disease spreading among the cattle animals of different districts of the state is worrying, and the state government is taking all possible measures to control the disease by taking awareness and sensitivity towards the cattle animals. 

The Central Government is requested to provide financial and necessary assistance to save the cow progeny and cooperate in the effective control of the disease. There is an appeal to the cattle owners of the state to be patient and to the Gaushala operators, public representatives, and voluntary organizations to cooperate with the state government in the control and prevention of the disease.

Livestock is the lifeline of the farmers of Rajasthan. The cows provide economic support to the cattle rearers in the event of famine. For centuries pastoralists have been fighting against adverse conditions on the strength of livestock.

The state government is committed to maintaining the importance of the valuable livestock wealth of the state, to make them financially self-reliant by providing means of employment to the livestock farmers and farmers along with their development and enhancement of livestock production.