Ashok Gehlot took a big step, now the public will get facilities for works related to tehsil near home


Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has again taken a big step toward the expansion and strengthening of administrative units in the state. Under this, he has approved administrative proposals to open 03 new tehsils and 01 sub tehsil. 

In this, approval has been given to create new tehsil Jhanwar office and Patwar divisions, land records inspector circles in Jodhpur district. With this, the facilities of Tehsil related works will be available to the local people near their homes. 

With the creation of this office, 03 land records inspector circles, 14 patwar circles and 79 revenue villages are being included in the jurisdiction of new tehsil Jhanwar. It is noteworthy that during the Finance and Appropriation Bill discussion during the budget session 2022-23, the Chief Minister had announced the creation of a new office in point number 86. 

The Chief Minister has also approved the proposal to upgrade sub-tehsil Kudi Bhagtasani as new tehsil and sub-tehsil Ghantiali as new tehsil of Jodhpur district. Ashok Gehlot has also approved the administrative proposal for creation of new sub-tehsil Moongana in Pratapgarh district.