Ashok Gehlot targeted the central government and said - what will happen if the police enter the BJP office in Rajasthan


Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has once again targeted the Narendra Modi government at the Center for detaining Congress leaders-workers opposing the ED questioning of Rahul Gandhi and police entering the Congress headquarters. 

Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot took a jibe at the Bharatiya Janata Party in the national capital, saying what would happen if the police entered the BJP office in Rajasthan? 

During this, CM Gehlot said that we have a government in Rajasthan, if BJP leaders agitate in Rajasthan, should we also behave the same way they did to us.

At the same time, Ashok Gehlot has also taunted the central government regarding Satyagraha through social media. He tweeted that these such fascist people are sitting in power, and they do not know the meaning of Satyagraha, Satyagraha is an urge for truth in which there is no violence and there is a way to speak. Unfortunately, the people sitting in power are not able to understand the sentiments of Gandhiji's Satyagraha.