An airplane-sized humongous asteroid is going to pass very close to Earth today, know what NASA said!


An asteroid named 2020 PT4, which is roughly the size of an airplane, is set to pass by Earth today – September 15, 2022. On Thursday, NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory said – the 2020 PT4 has a diameter of 37 meters and will reach closest to Earth at a distance of 71,90,000 kilometers. 


According to NASA's Center for Near Earth Object Studies (CNEOS), 2020 PT4 is moving at a velocity of 10.85 kilometers per second. It is classified as a 'potentially dangerous asteroid' because of the distance at which the asteroid will get closest to our planet.

2020 PT4, an Apollo-class asteroid, a term used for an object whose orbit crosses Earth's orbit, has an orbital period of 734 days, or 2 years.

The last time the asteroid 2020 PT4 made a close approach to Earth was on September 8, 2020. The asteroid is going to pass very close to Earth again on September 28, 2024. Other asteroids that will make it close to Earth in September 2022 include 2022 QD1, 2005 RX3, and 2022 QB37.


To track asteroids, NASA also has a NEO Observation Program that helps them not only track but also record, monitor and characterize about 90% of NEOs (near-Earth objects) that are about 140 meters or larger.

Near-Earth Objects (NEO) is a common name for different types of asteroids, meteorites, and comets. According to the US space agency NASA, the small asteroid can be seen passing between the Earth and the Moon several times a month.