After Udaipur, the gross negligence of the Gehlot government has also come to the fore in Brij's Cama area: Vasundhara Raje


In Rajasthan, there is a movement by saints demanding a ban on mining in the Deeg area. On Wednesday, an attempt was made by a sadhu to commit self-immolation here. Regarding this, former Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje has targeted the Ashok Gehlot government of the state.

She tweeted in this regard that what is the irony that even after the ban, illegal mining is happening there and the sages and saints have to raise their voices? If the state government had taken this matter seriously, this situation would not have happened today. The Gehlot government of the state is completely responsible for this!

After Udaipur, now the Gehlot government's gross negligence has come to the fore in Brij's Cama area. The state government did not pay heed to the demand of saints to stop illegal mining here. Today the attempt at self-immolation by a saint is the result of this.