237 lawyers adamant on stopping the transfer of Chief Justice, strongly protested, raised sharp questions


The transfer of Madras High Court Chief Justice Sanjib Banerjee to Meghalaya High Court by the Collegium of Supreme Court Judges has been strongly opposed by 237 lawyers of the High Court here. He called it a step like punishing an honest and fearless judge. The lawyers wrote to the Supreme Court Chief Justice NV Ramana and the collegium asking them to reconsider the decision.


237 lawyers stood against sending Madras High Court Chief Justice to Meghalaya
In the 12-page letter, the lawyers said that sending the Chief Justice of the 75-judge Madras High Court to the two-judge Meghalaya High Court raises many unusual questions. Transfers are necessary for better administration, but bar members and general public should know why the Chief Justice of a court which deals with 35,000 cases every year, is being sent to a court where the number of cases is 70-75. only lives? Lawyers said that Justice Banerjee's nature of not tolerating corruption and incompetence at all is appreciated.


A Chief Justice has already resigned
In 2019 also, the Supreme Court Collegium transferred Madras High Court Chief Justice Vijaya K Tahilramani to the Meghalaya High Court. Justice Vijaya did not accept it, objected, but the Collegium did not hear him. He found it better to resign to protest.