Throwback: When Rekha and Om Puri were lost in the love-making scene, felt that the chair would break!


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Bollywood has produced many films in the past, many of which are romance films. Rekha's performance in Aastha: In The Prison Of Spring is just one example of remarkable performances delivered by B-actresses in the past. One of the top actresses of Indian cinema, Rekha is a seasoned performer who has given some of her best performances. Due to her personal life, the actress was often in discussions that were not related to her profession in films.

In 1997, Basu Bhattacharya's film Aastha: In the Prison of Spring, starring Om Puri, Daisy Irani, and others, was released.



Even though the film Aastha failed to live up to the expectations at the box office, its sex scenes impressed everyone. Fans also got to see some intimate scenes between the two led by Rekha and Om Puri.

A sex scene is shown between the two in the film, in which they are seen sitting on a chair. However, reportedly Om Puri and Rekha had to go further to make the scene look real. If reports are to be believed, Rekha and Om Puri got very physical while filming their love scene. Both were so lost in making love that because of both the chair was about to fall.

There are also many provocative pictures of the couple online; Om Puri played Rekha's husband in the film.