Throwback: When best friends Vinod Khanna and Feroze Khan's quarrel led to a profit of 110 crores, know-how!


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The second name of friendship in Bollywood is called Jai-Veeru. The stories of both are very famous in the cinema world. But the offscreen pairing of Jai-Veeru was not Amitabh Dharmendra but actors Vinod Khanna and Feroz Khan. In the 70s, the pair of both created a storm on the big screen. Both stood firmly with each other in each other's happiness and sorrow. But do you know that these age-long friends became enemies one day? There was a fight between the two. But the profit of this fight was as much as Rs 110 crore. Let's know what is the story.

Late-night parties have a long history in Bollywood. Even today big directors and producers party whenever they want. Actor Firoz Khan was fond of such parties. There was going to be a concert of Bollywood stars in the night. According to media reports, all the actors and friends attended the party with their wives and children. Actor Vinod Khanna arrived at the party with his wife Gitanjali. There was an arrangement of food and drink at the party. Simultaneously, singing and dancing were also going on.

During the party, Firoz Khan grabbed Vinod Khanna's wife's hand and forced her to dance. Both were good friends but Feroze Khan was drunk at that party so Gitanjali refused to dance with him. But despite this, Firoz Khan forced Geetanjali to dance.

Vinod Khanna gets furious seeing Faroz Khan forcing Gitanjali to dance. They tried to stop Firoz Khan but they did not know anything because Firoz Khan was drunk. Vinod Khanna got very angry and in a fit of rage, he punched Firoz Khan in the face. Seeing the fight between the two, the party stopped there. Vinod Khanna left there with his wife.

The next morning Firoz Khan came to know about all the disturbances of the night party. He was very ashamed of this. He went to Vinod Khanna's house and apologized to both. He then added, "You punched me so hard that my whole jaw shook. But never mind, it got me the hero of my film." At that time Feroze Khan was working on the film Qurbani. He needed an angry young man for the film. He chose Big B for the lead role. But since Big B's dates were not available, Feroz Khan replaced Vinod Khanna for the lead role.

The Mercedes car was used for the first time in the 1980 film 'Qurbani'. There were tremendous action scenes in the film. At that time the theaters were housefull. Firoz Khan is said to have made people sit at the ticket window in Bangalore to count notes. The film earned 110 crores.