This is a filter, not a filler... Mandira Bedi replied to those trolling about 'lip surgery'!


PC: tv9hindi

Actress Mandira Bedi has now also become a social media influencer. Despite being 51 years old, this actress keeps herself fit and keeps sharing fitness tips through videos on her Instagram account. Recently, in the latest video shared on her social media profile, Mandira shared information with her fans on how they can take care of their health even as they age. How should they keep themselves healthy and fit? However, Mandira's face looked slightly different in this video. Seeing her different face, some users thought that Mandira had undergone lip surgery.

Mandira Bedi was trolled a lot on social media regarding lip surgery. But Mandira is not one of those celebrities who ignores these trolls. He also gave a befitting reply to these trolls. Actually, Mandira has hit back at the trolls and shared a new video on her Instagram account. In this video, she is showing her face from every angle in front of the camera. Along with this, he has written in the caption of this video - "Look... now I have posed in front of the camera from every angle, and yes, this is a filter, not a filler."

This post of Mandira got support from fans and is becoming very viral on social media. Many of his fans are also supporting his viral post. One fan wrote, "Mandira Bedi ji, don't worry, you should not pay attention to such people. You just keep making new inspirational videos." While another user writes that age shaming is nothing new on social media. But don't worry, you're doing a great job. You will rarely see such classy videos on Instagram.