These 5 dreadful movies are coming to create terror in the heart, there will be more bloodshed than Kill!


The recently released film 'Kill' is being discussed a lot. The reason is its violence. It is being called India's most violent film. But there are some upcoming films which may have even more bloodshed than this. Let us tell you which are these films.

These movies are going to bring a storm

Recently Kill was released. It is considered to be the most violent film of India. Karan Johar also promoted it by calling it the most violent film of India. After watching the film it seems so. Once the bloodshed starts, it does not stop. But some upcoming films can give a tough competition to this film. Let us tell you which are these films.

Devra : Part 1

The first film in this list is Junior NTR's 'Devra'. When its teaser came out, there was nothing but blood. As per the rest, as per the information received, there is going to be a lot of action in this film. It will be amazing. This film will be soaked in blood. Janhvi Kapoor is the female lead in this. Saif Ali Khan will be seen in the role of the main villain. The film is going to be released on 27th September.


There is no answer to Chiyaan Vikram's film 'Tangallan'. This film is also going to create a ruckus. Its trailer has just come out. The violence in this film can be guessed by watching the trailer. It is being said about this film that in front of this, films like 'Animal' will seem like child's play. This is a story of the British era. The story of the film is set in KGF i.e. Kolar Gold Field. Its release date is 15 August 2024.


Surya's film 'Kanguva' also deserves to be in this list. Its teaser has been released. You will get goosebumps just by watching Bobby Deol in it. This film is also going to be very violent. There is a lot of buzz about it in the whole country. This is a pan India film. Earlier it was to be released in April. But now its release date has been fixed as 10 October.

Baby John

Varun Dhawan's 'Baby John' can also be a very bloody film. It seems so after watching its teaser. It is being produced by director Atlee who made 'Jawaan'. This is the Hindi remake of his own film 'Theri'. It stars Varun Dhawan along with Vamika Gabbi and Keerthy Suresh in the lead roles. Its release date is 25 December.

Animal Park

When 'Animal' was released, its violence was criticized a lot. It was a unique film of its kind. The way Ranbir Kapoor is shown soaked in blood in the climax of 'Animal' shows that its sequel 'Animal Park' is going to be even more violent. This film will break all the standards of violence. Sandeep Reddy Vanga will once again create a stir. But it will take some time for it to release. First Sandeep will work with Prabhas on 'Spirit'. Ranbir will also shoot for 'Ramayan' and 'Love and War', then he will come to 'Animal Park'.