Shahrukh Khan is very sad due to Aryan not getting bail!


According to media reports, Aryan Khan is facing a lot of trouble in jail. He is in bad condition because of the heat. Not only this, but they also have to eat the food of the jail. Even after lakhs of efforts, Shahrukh is not able to get his son's bail. He is feeling very uneasy these days. Seeing the condition of the son, he has gone into depression. Not only this, but Shahrukh has also stopped shooting for his upcoming project. He is being worried about his son day and night.


According to the reports, Shah Rukh Khan had made a plan that his son Aryan Khan will get bail and he will start work on his upcoming project from Monday. But this could not happen. Shahrukh's close friend has revealed that he looks calm from the outside but is very sad and worried inside.

Shahrukh is not able to sleep properly. He has lost his sleep as his son is in jail. His friend has further informed that he has given up even eating and drinking. He is just feeling like a helpless father.


During the NCB interrogation last week, Aryan Khan had confessed that he has been taking drugs for the last 4 years. He had taken drugs during his stay in Dubai, UK, and other countries.

After Aryan's arrest, people on social media have come out in support of Shahrukh Khan. His fans also gather outside his house Mannat. People have put up banners of We Stand with Aryan Khan. A hoarding outside Mannat reads - Your fans in every corner of this world love you unconditionally. We are with you in this difficult time, King.