Seeing Lara Dutta's 'photo', the fan said, 'Poor', got this interesting reaction

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Lara Dutta hasn't changed the cover of her phone in the last 2 years. A fan has written, I used to think man, only people like us are poor. Look at Lara Dutta Ji, she has not changed her mobile cover for 2 years

Lara Dutta hot photos: Lara Dutta has reacted to a fan comment on Twitter. She hasn't changed her phone cover for the last 2 years. Actress Lara Dutta is very active on social media. She often shares her photos and videos. She shares videos that are going viral very fast. Recently, a web series of Lara Dutta is about to be released. She is promoting it and she is also going to make a digital debut through the web series. The picture was shared by a media house. This caught the attention of the fan on the cover of Lara Dutta's phone.

Lara Dutta has not changed her phone cover in the last 2 years. A fan has written, 'I used to think man only people like us are poor. Now look at Lara Dutta Ji, he changed his mobile cover for 2 years. Lara Dutta has reacted to this. She has written, 'It is true because some things also have emotional value.'

Lara Dutta had recently also reacted to her fake profile being made on a dating app. It's madness. I'm going crazy thinking about it. I'm reacting to this. So I figured I should come online and have my say. I'm not on any dating app. I've never been and never will be.

The Hickups and Hookups show is directed by Kunal Kohli. The show stars Prateik Babbar, Divya Seth, Nassar Abdullah, and Mayank Chang. Lara Dutta is a film actress. She has worked in many films. Her films have been well-liked. She is also very active in the media. She often shares her pictures and videos which go viral very fast.