Salman Khan: For this film, Salman Khan had collected more fees from his brother than the market rate, Arbaaz himself revealed!


pc: India TV News

Bollywood's great actor Salman Khan is famous for his strong acting and action scenes on the big screen. Every year his films were released in theaters on the occasion of Eid. One such blockbuster film released in 2010 was 'Dabangg', which broke box office records. Interestingly, this film was made under the home production of Salman Khan. Despite it being a home project, Salman Khan negotiated a huge fee to sign the film, as revealed by his brother Arbaaz Khan in an interview.

Arbaaz Khan shared information about Salman's participation in the film in an interview with Times of India. He said, 'Even though this film was made under our home production, Salman Khan charged more than the market rate for it.' Arbaaz Khan also stressed that they both work as professionals on film sets and never interfere in their personal relationships. Talking about the production of the film, Arbaaz Khan said, "All of us brothers worked on our home production, but we never took advantage of it. We always started shooting on time and also pack up on time." But it used to happen." 

'Dabangg' was Arbaaz Khan's first film as a producer. The film earned a grand total of Rs 221.14 crore worldwide with a domestic collection of Rs 138.88 crore. After the success of 'Dabangg', Arbaaz Khan produced films like 'Dabangg 2,' 'Dabangg 3' and 'Dolly Ki Doli.'

Arbaaz Khan's upcoming film 'Patna Shukla' is going to be released on the big screen soon. The trailer of the film was recently released on YouTube. Starring Raveena Tandon as the lead actress, the film features her playing the role of a self-confident lawyer named 'Patna'.