Preeti Zinta: Preity Zinta focused more on her personal life!


Preity Zinta on Not Doing Films: Soldier girl Preity Zinta took a 7-year break from Bollywood. She was last seen in the film Bhaiya Ji Superhit. Now she has spread her charm in Cannes after 17 years. But the question arises why did the actress take a 7-year break amid a great career? After making a comeback from Cannes, Preity Zinta asked what was the reason behind her taking a break.


Preity Zinta focused more on her personal life

and spoke to DD India in Cannes. During this, the actress said- 'I did not want to do films because I wanted to focus on my business. Also, I wanted to focus on my personal life. People forget what a woman has done as an actress. I never dated anyone in the industry. I wanted a family of my own. It feels good to live different phases of life.'

Preeti wanted children

and said- 'I wanted my children. I worked in films and also wanted my own business. But most of all I wanted to focus on my personal life. So I focused on that part. I wanted to become a great actress but I did not want to be alone in life.'

Nature itself discriminated.

The actress further said- 'Many people used to tell me earlier that you will miss the bus, truck or train. I used to say okay then, but now I laugh. But this is also true for every woman who works there. Everyone says this and you also tell yourself that you want equal rights and often women also say that they will work hard like men.'

'But she forgets that there is a biological clock. Nature has not given equality to women. So at a certain point, you have to leave it and focus on something else. Let us tell you, Preity Zinta has two children. Her daughter's name is Jiya and her son's name is Jai. While her husband's name is Gene Goodenough.