Poonam Pandey is alive, this is why the news of her death was spread


The news of actress Poonam Pandey's death has turned out to be wrong. The news of Poonam Pandey's death, received through an Instagram post on Friday morning, surprised everyone. The management team of the actress had informed that Poonam Pandey has died due to cervical cancer. Now a shocking revelation has come about Poonam Pandey. He himself has again created a stir on social media by sharing a video. This actress is alive. 


In the video shared on Instagram, Poonam Pandey is seen sitting healthy. He said through this video that I am alive, I have not died of cervical cancer. In the video, she is seen saying that unfortunately I cannot say this for the thousands of women who have lost their lives fighting the battle with cervical cancer. 


He had spread the news of his own death to raise awareness about the cervical cancer vaccine. Through this video, he has appealed to get tested to avoid cervical cancer and to get HPV vaccine. 

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