Mahesh Manjrekar did not get his cancer treatment abroad because of this, read this special conversation with the actor


I was mentally prepared for cancer while undergoing treatment for one and a half years when health problems occurred. By the way, life itself is very unpredictable. I am thankful that I am still alive. I am living a cool life.

Actor and director Mahesh Manjrekar were suffering from urinary bladder cancer during the shooting of the film 'Antim: The Final Truth'. Excerpts from a conversation with Mahesh, who has defeated cancer, in Salman Khan's office...

You said that when you got the news of cancer, there was no fear. Where did this fearlessness come from?

When there were health issues, I was mentally prepared for cancer after undergoing treatment for a year and a half. By the way, life itself is very unpredictable. I am thankful that I am still alive. I am living a cool life. Whatever has to happen, will happen. Today I am cancer-free. I believe that nothing is going to last forever. What is afraid of the ultimate truth, that cannot be changed.

You did not go abroad and get your treatment in India...

Yes, if we don't believe in our doctors, then who will? We have very good doctors. Most of the Indian doctors are there abroad also, who do the treatment.

Where did your friendship with Salman Khan start?

From the time we met, a bond was formed. I acted in 'Dabangg'. After that, did many films like 'Ready', 'Jai Ho' together. A friendship struck, home visits started. I had acted in the original Marathi film 'Mulshi Pattern' from 'Antim: The Final Truth'. I said that if I write this film, I would also like to direct it. He agreed. It was Salman who decided not to want a heroine.

Does remake in Hindi increase the pressure to fit the film into the commercial framework?

I don't know how to make commercial films. When I wrote 'Antim: The Final Truth', I said that in this film Salman will be different from his other films. He was ready. This cop character is not like 'Dabangg'.

When a film is remade, the Hindi audience has to take care of it?

When you make a film honestly, the audience sees it. If a film is a hit, it means people want to watch good cinema, then language doesn't matter.

How deeply have you been able to show the issue of farmers in this film?

More than the issue of farmers, the increasing land prices due to urbanization is a matter of concern. Now people are moving towards villages, there is talk of making smart cities. If the farmers feel that they are not getting anything from the land, then selling it is an easy option. It's going to do a lot of damage. Today even the son of the farmer does not want to do farming. They have seen their father in trouble, so why and how to do that! It is necessary to talk about this.

You said when you direct, you don't want to act in that film...

(laughs) I am very bored. I can't pay proper attention to both again.