KRK Revealed: At the behest of Kangana, targeted at Karan Johar, all SMS are present as proof

kangna ranuat

Kamal Rashid Khan i.e. KRK has always been in the headlines due to his controversial statements. He often targets Bollywood celebrities through social media and gives rise to a new kind of debate. Now he has made a new disclosure against Bollywood veteran Kangana Ranaut through his Twitter account. He has claimed in his tweet that he was targeting Karan Johar only at the behest of Kangana Ranaut. He said that he attacked filmmaker and director Karan Johar only at the behest of Kangana Ranaut.

kangna ranaut

Kamal Rashid Khan tweeted and wrote that he has not been asked by any filmmaker except Kangana Ranaut to speak ill of any other filmmaker to date. He further wrote that Kangana Ranaut asked him to say many bad things against Karan Johar. KRK says that he also has proof of this.

SMS present as proof
Kamal Rashid Khan says that he has all the evidence against Kangana Ranaut. He said Kangana Ranaut had asked me to say the opposite against Karan Johar. I have all his SMS as proof. However, he also said that he would never make these SMS public. He said, "I have never disclosed anyone's chat till today and I will not do so in the future also.

kangna ranaut

KRK has called Kangana Ranaut his 'didi' and called her a hypocrite. He even said that Kangana is playing the 'patriotic' card for her new film Thalaivi. He said that Kangana Ranaut is asking him to publicly speak against Karan Johar. The evidence for which they have in the form of conversation.

He says that after the poor review of the Thalaivi film, Kangana Ranaut is giving knowledge to the public. KRK said, Kahna is saying that we all become patriots and watch Indian films instead of English films to become self-reliant. Didi, we are not ready to watch your crap movie to make you a crorepati. People are not stupid.

Let us tell you that earlier, KRK had targeted Kangana Ranaut and said that none of her films will be a hit. He had said, "I can say with 100% guarantee that none of Kangana Ranaut's upcoming films will be a hit. She said that she is not a filmmaker, she only spreads hatred.