Jackie Shroff News: What argument did Jackie Shroff give?


Jackie Shroff News: Delhi High Court has given its verdict in favor of Jackie Shroff. Now, under the protection of his personality and public rights, no one will be able to use the actor's voice, image, and name.


Recently, actor Jackie Shroff approached the Delhi High Court regarding personality and public rights. He had demanded that no one should use his famous dialogue Bhidu, name, voice, and picture without permission. Now the court's decision has come on this, which is in favor of the actor. The court clearly said that like public and personality rights, the identity of a celebrity cannot be misused under any circumstances.

On May 15, the Delhi High Court issued a notice to all those people and companies who have misused Jackie Shroff's photo, voice, or name without permission. The court accepted that being a celebrity, Jackie Shroff has the right to protect his image. In such a situation, people cannot use pictures or other things of the actor without his consent.

What argument did Jackie Shroff give?

Recently, Jackie Shroff filed a petition in the court. He argued that some companies and people were tarnishing his image for financial gain without permission. Not only this, with the help of AI tools, people are indiscriminately printing money using their images on social media. Not only his name, voice, and picture but also his names like Jaggu Dada and Bhidu are being misused.

Jackie Shroff also said that

this argument was also put forward in the court on behalf of Jackie Shroff that his pictures are also being used as objectionable memes. This tarnishes their image and their name is also being maligned in the form of obscene content. In such a situation, now the court has given its verdict in favor of the actor.

Before Jackie Shroff, these stars also took the step.

Before Jackie Shroff, Amitabh Bachchan and Anil Kapoor had also banned the use of nicknames, pictures, and voices under the protection of personality. These stars also said that some institutions, people, and advertisements tarnish their image. Financial benefits are seen by misusing his name.