Is Salman Khan leaving the hosting of Bigg Boss? Upset due to this reason, said- 'I have no hobby...'


PC: dnaindia

Bigg Boss 17 contestants have been in the news ever since they entered the controversial house. Recently Anurag Doval was seen complaining about host Salman Khan and accused him of making fun of his bro army.

In the latest episode of Bigg Boss 17, during Weekend Ka Vaar, Salman Khan was getting upset and saying that he will now guide only those contestants who want to take his advice. What caught everyone's attention was that Salman Khan said, "Whatever I had to give, I have given in this show, I don't know whether it will happen next year or not. I have no interest in coming here and giving you knowledge, tutor." Do it and later I will justify myself. How do you look like me?"

This statement by Salman Khan has now worried his fans because they feel that no one can host the Bigg Boss show better than him. Meanwhile, earlier Anurag Doval aka The UK07 rider had a heated argument with Arun Srikanth Mashetti. The matter became more serious when Anurag broke the property of the house by throwing a cup in anger. Bigg Boss also got angry with this and he gave two punishments.

Firstly, the kitchen supplies of the entire house were cut off and secondly, Anurag was nominated till the end of the season. He was seen demanding a voluntary exit from the show. When Bigg Boss calls him in the confession room, Anurag can be heard saying, "If these things keep going on, I won't be able to survive."

Netizens have reacted and said that Anurag is "trying too hard to imitate MC Steyn". Rapper MC Stan won Bigg Boss 16. At times, he remained the lone warrior inside the show and wanted a voluntary exit as he could not handle the pressure of the game. But it was Salman Khan and his friends who inspired him to stay and he went on to win the grand finale.