'I don't want anyone to see my body parts' Karan Johar is suffering from this serious disease!


Karan Johar told such things about his body that you will be shocked to know. Karan told that he does not like his body. He even always wears oversized clothes because he does not want anyone else to see any part of his body.


Karan Johar on Body: Karan Johar is constantly making revelations about his personal life. In a recent interview, the filmmaker talked about children. Now Karan has said that he is not comfortable with his body. Even in childhood, he once cried a lot after seeing his body. Along with this, he tells what he does while being intimate so that he does not see his body.

Karan Johar, while talking to Faye D'Souza, talked about things that he had probably never revealed till now. The filmmaker said that he has body dysmorphia. He does not like his body

at all. It does not matter how much success you have achieved. It does not matter what you think of yourself. I always wear oversized clothes. No matter how much weight I lose, I always feel that I am fat. I do not want the person in front of me to see any part of my body.

Karan said that when he is in the pool

with his close friends, he wears a bathrobe. The filmmaker said that nothing has changed since he was 8 years old. I keep body-shaming myself. I even turn off the lights during intimacy. I have taken therapy. Due to all these reasons, many times I have mental issues. I have also taken medicines for panic attacks.

People made fun of him in childhood.

Karan said that when he was young, he once participated in a talent competition. When he danced, people started laughing at him. When he returned home and saw himself, he started crying. I always wondered why am I not like other boys?