Haryana's famous dancer Sapna Chowdhary will participate in Cannes Film Festival


There is good news for the fans of Haryana's famous dancer Sapna Choudhary. The news is that this dancer will now participate in the International Cannes Film Festival. Sapna Chowdhary will become the first Haryanvi artist to participate in the Cannes Festival.

According to reports, Sapna Chowdhary has given information in this regard. She said that getting an invitation to debut at the Cannes Festival is a matter of great pride, which makes him very excited.

Sapna Chowdhary said during this time that she has full hope that she will make everyone proud in this program. Sapna Chowdhary is very excited to participate in the International Cannes Film Festival.

She informed that she had not made any special preparations to participate in this programme. Sapna Chowdhary has made a special identity in India through her superb dance.