Entertainment: Who is shooter Vishal alias Kalu? Who fired outside Salman Khan's house!


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A CCTV camera captured footage of two persons firing near Salman Khan's residence in Mumbai on Sunday. One of the suspects, who is now in police custody, has been identified as Vishal, also known as Kalu.

Vishal's criminal history dates back to 2020 when he was first arrested in a motorcycle theft case. After his arrest, he was sent to Tihar Jail in Delhi.

According to media reports, Kalu is a suspect from Gurugram and is associated with the Lawrence Bishnoi gang.

Vishal, a member of the Lawrence Bishnoi gang and allegedly an associate of gangster Rohit Godara, is suspected of being involved in the murder of Gurgaon-based bookie Sachin. The incident took place on March 2 and it is believed that Vishal along with two associates committed this crime.

Rohit Godara, a notorious gangster operating from abroad, has close links with the notorious criminal trio of Lawrence Bishnoi, his brother Anmol and Goldie Brar.

Vishal's criminal record expanded in 2023 when Bawana police station registered three additional cases against him, including charges of robbery, snatching and weapons possession. This development happened after his initial theft case.

During his stay in Tihar Jail, Vishal encountered many people associated with the Godara gang. After these conversations, he decided to become a member of their criminal organization.

Anmol Bishnoi reportedly took responsibility for the act in an online post. Bishnoi reportedly issued a warning to the Bollywood actor, calling the incident a 'trailer'.