Entertainment: Nysa Devgan And Orry Photos!


You must have seen the friendship between Bollywood actors Ajay Devgan and Akshay Kumar a lot. Both of them have even done a film together. But have you seen their children partying together? No no, let's show it. Orhaan Avatramani alias Ori, famous as Bollywood's BFF, has made headlines by sharing this photo on the internet. This photo is not from the country but has come from across the seven seas. Let's show this photo.


Orhaan Avatramani who is a good friend of Bollywood. You must have often seen him partying with star kids. He is a party lover. Has also reached Bigg Boss as a guest. Wherever he goes he becomes the talk of the town. Their clothes and phone covers also attract a lot of people's attention.

Neesa Devgan's party with Aarav Kumar.

Now Ori has shared the inside photo of the party on Instagram. Apart from Ori, three more special people are seen in this photo. These are Ajay Devgan-Kajol's daughter Neesa Devgan, Akshay Kumar-Twinkle Khanna's darling Aarav, and Ahan Shetty's ex-girlfriend Tania Shroff.

Nyssa Devgan with Ori:


She is also seen immersed in the party mood in Starkids with Ori. All four are engrossed in their fun. While Aarav is seen in white suit boots, Neesa Devgan is wearing a lovely silver-colored dress and stunning make-up. While sharing the photo, Ori wrote, If you make any excuse out of shyness, you will never be able to enjoy.