Entertainment: Know Shekhar Suman Sitauation After he had lost his son!


After the death of his son Ayush, Shekhar Suman lost faith in God and removed all religious idols from his home. The actor, currently basking in the success of his series 'Hiramandi,' revealed in an interview that the tragic loss of his son led him to abandon his belief in a higher power.


Shekhar Suman, known for his versatile acting in both TV and Hindi films, is currently portraying a significant role in Sanjay Leela Bhansali's acclaimed series. Amidst the accolades for his performance, Suman opened up about the darkest period of his life—the loss of his elder son Ayush at the tender age of 11 due to illness.

Reflecting on the heart-wrenching moment, Suman recounted how Ayush clung to him, pleading for him not to leave for a shoot. This emotional plea deeply impacted Suman, who, after Ayush's passing, renounced his faith in God. He recounted a poignant incident when, amidst heavy rain and Ayush's illness, he was compelled to leave for a shoot despite his son's plea.

Suman vividly remembered Ayush's words, urging him not to depart, a moment he could never forget. After his son's demise, Suman made a drastic decision to remove all religious idols from his home, expressing his disillusionment with a deity who had caused him such immense pain.

In his poignant revelation, Suman articulated his resolve not to seek solace from a God who had inflicted such profound sorrow upon him.