Entertainment: Actresses had rejected 'Tanu Weds Manu' because of R Madhavan, producer revealed!


R Madhavan: Producer of the superhit film 'Tanu Weds Manu' Shailesh R Singh has made a shocking revelation in a recent interview. He said that no actress was interested in playing the lead role in this film. The producer said that he had initially planned to cast Konkana Sen Sharma in the lead role, but later he suggested the name of Kangana Ranaut. 

According to the news published in News18, Shailesh R Singh said that he and Anand L Rai were directing the film. Both of them have been good friends since their days in the television industry. Shailesh R Singh said, "Anand's 'Strangers' failed to leave a mark at the box office. While I was producing 'Dil Kabaddi'. The film's DOP Anay Goswami asked me to meet Anand and listen to the story of 'Tanu Weds Manu'. I was initially not interested in producing the film as I was busy with 'Dil Kabaddi' and had another film lined up, starring many top actors. Due to date issues and many other reasons, I told Anand that I was not interested in doing this kind of film, but he kept insisting that I have a meeting with him.



Producer did not want to do 'Tanu Weds Manu'.

Despite not wanting to meet Aanand L Rai, Shailesh R Singh met him. When he heard the story of 'Tanu Weds Manu', he liked it, but he told Aanand L Rai that he was not going to produce it. But he will help them in every possible way in this. Shailesh R Singh said, "I tried to talk to the producers, but everyone told me that they had already heard the story and were not interested in it."

Aanand L Rai wanted to cast Konkana Sen as the lead actress.

Shailesh R Singh said that when he met Aanand after 2-3 months, he had already signed R Madhavan as the lead actor for the role. The producer said, "Anand wanted to cast Konkana Sen Sharma with Madhavan, but I told him that Konkana is a great actress, but she does not fit the character." 

Actresses did not want to work with Madhavan:

Shailesh further said that before contacting Kangana, we had talked to many actresses, but all of them refused because they did not want to work with Madhavan. Some actresses also said that they are ready to work only if the lead actor is changed.


Kangana Ranaut had said yes without knowing the name of the hero.

She said, "When we contacted Kangana, she was busy shooting for the film 'Once Upon a Time in Mumbai'. She heard the story and immediately agreed to play the role. He was not even interested in knowing the name of the hero. Earlier she had told me that she wanted to work with me and so when we approached her, she straight away said yes.