Does Ankita Lokhande love money? Husband Vicky Jain said - Half of the fights are because of this...!


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Television actress Ankita Lokhande and her husband Vicky Jain continue to be in the headlines even after coming to Bigg Boss. While their relationship faced turmoil during their stay on the show, everything has been going well since their exit from the house. The couple is often seen together in public places, giving interviews and attending events.

In a recent interview, Ankita said that she has never been concerned with money and likes to live in the world of her dreams. Whereas Vicky said- Ankita has nothing to do with money. She becomes careless. Friend, you have to be careful. You need money for things when you are away from home. Half of the fights are due to this reason.

Ankita- 'I can't live with anyone because of money'

'I can't live with anyone because of money. I actually live in a dream, I really live in a world called the film world. I never carry money, and never keep a purse. If Vicky is with you then Vicky has the money, if not then Mama has the money. They have a card. I don't know how much money is in my account. 

Regarding her experience in Bigg Boss, Ankita said that she never participated in any debate in the show. However, during the final phase of the show, there were emotional moments and during that Vicky's disagreement with Ankita was evident.

Ankita and Vicky have been together for six years after their love marriage. Ankita shared pictures from their anniversary celebration, in which the couple is seen in a romantic mood. She enjoyed her anniversary beautifully by decorating her room with flowers. The caption of the photos mentioned that they celebrated their sixth-anniversary last night and expressed their disbelief at how they fell in love.