Box office collection: The film HanuMan is so far from the figure of two hundred crores.


Prashanth Varma's directional Telugu superhero film 'Hanu Maan' continues to dominate the box office. The box office collection of this film has now reached close to two hundred crores. The box office collection figures of the 22nd day of release of the film Hanu Maan have also been revealed to everyone.

According to Sacknilk's early trend report, the film has achieved a box office collection of Rs 1.3 crore on the third Friday i.e. 22nd day of its release. Till now this film has earned a total of Rs 181.65 crore. Now it remains to be seen how many days will it take for the film to cross the Rs 200 crore mark. It will not be easy for him to touch this figure.

This film had earned Rs 99.85 crore in the first week of its release. This film earned Rs 58.65 crore in the second week. Earnings have declined further in the third week.

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