Bollywood Gossips: Manisha Koirala on Bad Relationships!


Bollywood Actress on Failed Relationships: The 53-year-old actress who had many affairs, married a Nepali businessman and then got divorced in 2 years, has recently opened up about her pain. The actress has said in an interview that she has always dated the 'wrong men'.

Manisha Koirala on Bad Relationships: There have been many actors in Bollywood who have not had much luck in love and relationships. But the actress we are going to talk about today has spoken very openly about dating the 'wrong men'. The 53-year-old actress' name has been linked to many people, including businessmen and Bollywood actors. The actress also married a Nepali businessman, but their relationship broke up in just 2 years. Now the actress has talked about her failed relationships in a recent interview.  

The actress got involved with the wrong men!

Yes... we are talking about the popular 90s actress Manisha Koirala. Manisha Koirala recently gave an interview to Filmfare, where she revealed many secrets of her personal life. Manisha said in the interview that she has noticed one thing that she has always fallen in love with the wrong men. Manisha Koirala said- 'I used to think that there is something wrong with me, that I am only getting attracted to the most troubled or wrong person. I looked inside myself. I took a decision and worked on what is bothering me.'  

Manisha Koirala has been alone for 5-6 years

Manisha Koirala (Manisha Koirala News) told in the interview- 'She is now alone, and right now she has no intention of mixing with anyone.' Manisha said- 'Right now she needs to work on herself.' Manisha further said- 'She has not lost faith in love due to repeatedly getting into bad relationships. She hopes that she will find a good and true partner who will be sensible and honest.'  


Manisha Koirala did not know right from wrong

Manisha (Manisha Koirala Movies) said in her interview- When I came into films, I was innocent. I understood the difference between right and wrong when I faced hardships. Manisha said- I was an outsider, I came from Nepal, I did not know right and wrong, I thought that loneliness could be filled by a lover or a partner... but it never happened. They used to say all the romantic things and I used to forgive them and move on. Later I realized that I have gathered a lot of unnecessary people around me.  

Manisha Koirala's name is linked with many people

Popular 90s actress Manisha Koirala (Manisha Koirala Heeramandi) was allegedly linked with many people. If media reports are to be believed, at one time Manisha Koirala and Nana Patekar also had a relationship.  

Married to a Nepali businessman and divorced in 2 years!

Manisha Koirala (Manisha Koirala Divorce) married Nepalese businessman Samrat Dahal in the year 2010. But this relationship of the actress did not last long. And in just 2 years, they decided to separate. Manisha Koirala has been living a single life since separating from Samrat Dahal in 2012.