Bigg Boss 15: Shamita Shetty tells Tejashwi Prakash - insecure and jealous...Watch video


The upcoming episode of TV's world's popular reality shows Bigg Boss 15 is going to be very funny. The upcoming episode will see an argument between Shamita Shetty and Tejashwi Prakash. In fact, as soon as Tejashwi Prakash is called 'insecure and jealous' by Shamita Shetty, a fight starts between the two. Colors TV shared the promo of the upcoming episode of Bigg Boss 15 on its Instagram handle on Wednesday. In which the fight between Shamita Shetty and Tejashwi Prakash is shown. Looking at this fight, it seems that the upcoming episode is going to be quite entertaining.

It is shown in the promo that Shamita Shetty takes Tejashwi's name during a task when a contestant is asked to downgrade. Shamita Shetty says, “I would like to downgrade Tejashwi.” After this Tejashwi Prakash is seen saying to Bigg Boss 15 contestant Shamita Shetty, “You always have a problem with me in your mind. You are excluded from enrollment because of your injury.

Shamita Shetty is then shown saying "I have kept your boyfriend only." Tejashwi again shouts, "If you are dying so much, ask Karan to befriend him too." At this Karan intervenes and tells Tejashwi to keep quiet by saying, "Mat kar na yaar." Hearing these words of Tejashwi, Shamita Shetty gets furious and says, "You are a very jealous and insecure shame."