Afsana Khan made a shocking statement about Shamita Shetty, said - "she is equal to my shoe"


Bigg Boss 15 contestant Afsana Khan has given very shocking statements about Shamita Shetty. Taking a dig at the makers, he said that no action is taken against those who have connections with the channel.


Afsana Khan said that even after doing nothing inside the house, Simba Nagpal is being saved. He confirmed that Simmba had pushed Umar Riaz into the swimming pool. She also said that she loves Umar Riaz very much and he is like a brother to her. Talking about her feud with Shamita Shetty, Afsana Khan said that she is still hurt by that. Afsana even said that she is equal to the shoe of my foot.

As we know there was a huge fight between the two. In that fight, he had said that Shamita Shetty was a flop actress. Afsana had also been abused a lot. Shamita also turned back and called Afsana bad. During the mental breakdown, Shamita Shetty called him a mental person.

Afsana Khan has been BG in her music ever since her exit and it will be really interesting to see if she returns to the Bigg Boss show.