A cab in the name of Lawrence Bishnoi reached Salman Khan's house, read the whole matter!



The matter of the firing incident at Salman Khan's Galaxy apartment on April 14 has not yet been resolved when an important update has come to light. Once again superstar Salman Khan has received a threat.

This threat has been given by Lawrence Bishnoi. Today a person booked a cab and sent it to Salman's house. The cab was booked in the name of Lawrence Bishnoi and was sent to Galaxy Apartment.

As per the booking of the Ola driver, he reached outside Salman Khan's Galaxy Apartment and stopped his car. The driver asked the security present there to take the car to a person named Lawrence Bishnoi, as it was booked in that name. This booking was done in the name of Lawrence Bishnoi and the booking was from Salman Khan's residence to Bandra Police Station.