When Jaya Prada was forced to take a bath on a moving train! Click here to read the story


Jaya Prada has been one of the most well-known and beautiful actresses in the Bollywood industry. She was one of the most popular actresses of Bollywood. Even at present, Jaya Prada is liked among her fans for her acting and films.


She has made a special place for herself in everyone's hearts with her strong acting. Today we are going to tell you a surprising anecdote related to Jayaprada through this article. Which is associated with his first film "Sargam". Then she had to take a bath in the moving train itself. But what was this compulsion? Let us tell you this.


Because of this, Jaya Prada had to take a bath in the moving train.


There are many facilities available for shooting in today's time. The vanity van is also given to the actress to be ready. But in the earlier era, not many such facilities were available for shooting. Then Jaya Prada had to cover the location and timing during the shooting of the film.


Jaya Prada was to shoot a song “Dafliwale Dafli Baja” from the movie Sargam. She had to be ready for this. But before that Jayaprada had to take a bath, for which there was no special place at the location.

Due to this, Jaya Prada had to take a bath in the moving train under compulsion. This was her first film in Bollywood and this was the reason why she did not want to disappoint the director. That's why he had to take this step.