Video: Rakhi Sawant removed the tattoo of her ex-husband Ritesh’s name, saying- ‘Never should you be madly in love

Rakhi Sawant’s husband Ritesh threatened

Drama queen Rakhi Sawant has got her ex-husband Ritesh’s name tattooed out. Both are now completely separated and are busy giving a new path to their life.

Rakhi SawantShe is one of the most active celebrities on social media. She keeps updating her fans and followers all the time and keeps them entertained. Last week Rakhi Sawant visited a tattoo studio and Shared a video of myself. In the video, she told the fans that she would name her ex-husband ‘Ritesh’. (Ex-Husband Ritesh) Getting the tattoo removed. After this, she also introduced her tattoo artist and also showed the tattoo of Ritesh’s name made on his waist.

Rakhi Sawant got her ex-husband Ritesh’s name tattooed out

She can be heard saying, “Today I am going to get my Ritesh tattoo done.” She is seen moaning in pain while getting the tattoo removed. Getting rid of it, she says, “After 3 years of marriage… Ritesh you have left my life and my body forever. A tattoo should never be done in life by falling madly in love. Then it becomes very difficult to leave.”

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Reacting to the video, a fan commented saying, “Ma’am you yourself are so strong that you don’t need anyone.” At the same time, another fan commented that “You deserve the best.” While the third wrote, “Wow ma’am. Very good decision.”

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Rakhi and Riteish had announced their separation earlier this year. The actress shared a post that read, “Dear fans and well-wishers, just wanted to say that Riteish and I have decided to separate. A lot happened after the ‘Bigg Boss’ show and I was unaware of some things which were out of my control. We’ve tried to sort out our differences and try to ease things out, but I think it’s best that we both move forward in a friendly way and let us both enjoy our separate lives.”

Thanks for supporting Ritesh

She further said, “I have told the truth and am heartbroken that this was to happen before Valentine’s Day but a decision has to be taken. I wish Ritesh all the best in life but at this stage of life, I have to concentrate on my work. And keep my life and be happy and healthy. Thank you for always understanding and supporting me!”